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2024 Official Record Number



To celebrate the fantastic sport of skydiving, we are going to set a WORLD SKYDIVING DAY RECORD. 

This collaboration, which started with four of the largest skydiving associations in the world, will be historic - and we want YOU to be part of it! 


Everywhere! There are hundreds of skydiving centers all over the world. Visit our locations page to find one near you! If you are the owner of a skydiving center and you want to participate, please fill out this form. 


On WORLD SKYDIVING DAY of course! The first annual celebration is JULY 13th, 2024, and will repeat each year on the second Saturday in July. 


Anyone who has an interest in making a skydive! If you have never jumped before, we recommend a tandem skydive for first timers. If you are a licensed skydiver, we encourage you to head to your favorite skydiving center and make a few jumps that will count towards the WORLD SKYDIVING DAY RECORD. 


Make a skydive on July 13th, 2024. Submit proof of your skydive on this website and be counted in the World Skydiving Day Record. This includes tandem skydives, as well as jumps made by licensed skydivers. Anyone who participates can order a certificate to show they were part of a WORLD SKYDIVING DAY RECORD! 

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