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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if the skydiving center I want to go to is participating in World Skydiving Day?

It is not necessary for the skydiving center to do anything additional in order for your skydive to be counted. You can skydive anywhere in the world and log your own skydive to be counted on our website. Keep in mind, you will need to submit proof. All of the valid forms of jump verification are listed on our Get Counted page. 


What if my skydiving center is planning on submitting their total jumps for the day? If I submit my own jump will I mess up the number?

We are using the drop zone total for skydives if they submit them to us. If you submit your own jump and we see that you jumped at a location that has provided us with a total, we will only count the numbers sent in by the drop zone. This way, no jump is counted twice, BUT you can still submit your jump to get a certificate!


How long until I receive my official World Skydiving Day certificate?

Please be patient, we will likely have thousands of submissions to validate. We hope to issue certificates within one week after your jump(s) have been submitted. 


Do tandems count as one or two skydives?

In a tandem jump, the instructor is making a skydive and so is the student. This means that a tandem will count as two skydives toward the total. 


What do I need to show as proof that I made a skydive on World Skydiving Day?

Tandem Skydives: 

  • Jump certificate dated July 13th, 2024 signed by your instructor

  • Dated receipt which reflects your jump on July 13th, 2024

Student/Licensed Skydiver: 

  • Logbook pages showing jumps made on July 13th, 2024 completed and signed appropriately

  • Screen grab of Burble (or other manifest software) transaction page showing jumps made on July 13th, 2024

  • Screen grab of electronic logbook entry appropriately signed and dated July 13th, 2024

Still Have Questions? 

Please send us your question by filling out our contact form

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